Brick & Mortar, DUST Rising Exhibition, Hanley (2022)

Remembering the construction of the Potteries Shopping Centre and Indoor Market gave Iwaszko the starting point for her research. Built in the mid 1980ís when the pottery industry was thriving, visitors flocked to pottery factories for demonstrations and tours, Hanley was buzzing with shops, and there was a China Cave selling china and wares of every type.

A distinct memory for Joyce was Aynsley Cottage Garden, a pattern seen everywhere at the time. The pattern is typical of its time and incorporates the history of pottery design.

Iwaszko has created 5 brick and mortar paintings bringing figurative and abstract together on 3 dimensional planes. something not previously seen in her work, using colour, pattern and surface to evoke a point in time and bringing histories together.

For hundreds of years the pottery industry and shopping for wares has survived. What will become of it now only time will tell?

(click images to see closeup)