Joyce Iwaszko

Born: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Currently living: Newcastle under Lyme
Working as a lecturer and artist: North Staffordshire

Exhibitions/Site Related Work

2024  Red Amber Green Transporting the City, DUST Rising, Signal Box,
           Goods Yard, Stoke
2022  Connections, #7, NichoIson Art Gallery Leek
2022  Juncture, #7, Brampton Museum and Art Gallery, Newcastle-under-Lyme
2022  Brick & Mortar DUST Rising, Hanley Indoor Market, Hanley
2020/2019  DUST Rising’s Every other Seat, Stoke and Newcastle under Lyme
2019  DR 19, Spode Works, Stoke (funded by Arts Council England)
2019  Our Front Door Commission, Broad Street, Hanley
2019  DUST Rising 2019, Spode Works, Stoke
2018  DUST Rising 2018, Bethesda Chapel, Hanley
2017  DUST, EN Gallery, Hanley, Tunstall Baths, Fenton Library, ACAVA Spode,
           Wedgwood Institute, Longton Town Hall
2016  Dust, Upstairs Gallery, Hanley
2016  Misaligned, AirSpace Gallery, Studio exhibition
2016  Jasper Compositions, BSA, Wedgwood Institute (Solo Show)
2016  Blue meets Grey, New Vic Theatre
2015  The Projection Series, Outside Spode Historic Gates/Gallery 116
2015  Assemblage 2, Historic Spode Site
2015  Assemblage 1, AirSpace Studio Show
2015  Smalt Blue (solo show), The Gallery in the Prince of Wales Studios,
           Middleport Pottery (home of BBC The Great British Pottery Throw Down)
2015  AirSpace Gallery Open Studios
2015  Museum at Night, Newcastle Borough Museum
2014  Princes Regeneration Trust, Middleport Pottery Wall Paintings (PRT commission)
2014  Journeys, Pathways and Track Plans (funded by Arts Council, England)
2013  Co-op Academy of Stoke-on-Trent Painting Commission,BrownhiIIs
           (through Arts & Business)
2013  Lichfield Festival AirSpace Studio Group, Lichfield Cathedral
2012  Hidden Depths, Rednile Factory Nights Art Installation Commission
2012  AirSpace Studio Show, AirSpace Gallery, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
2012  Transient Codes, In the window @ AirSpace Gallery, Hanley
2011  AirVent, AirSpace Gallery, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
2010/11  Rednile Factory Night Wedgwood Institute and Old Telephone Exchange
2009  Stolen?, Artwaves, Nile Street, Burslem
2009  SoTart, Regent Theatre, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
2009  10 Charity Auction New Victoria Theatre, Newcastle
2009  Newcastle Borough Museum & Art Gallery
2009  Selected Exhibition, Hartington, Derbyshire
2008  Three Counties Open Keele University
2008  Open Exhibition, Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent
2007  Keele University Open, Keele, Newcastle under Lyme
2007  Airtrade, Airspace Gallery, Broad Street, Hanley
2006  Women on Show, Newcastle Borough Museum and Art Gallery
2005  Mostyn, Llandudno, Wales
1997-2005  Various local and national exhibitions

Permanent collections/Commissions

2015  Spit and Dust, Building 7, BCB, Spode Historic Site
2015  Blue Arch, Airspace Stair Wall
2014  Princes Regeneration Trust, Middleport Pottery Wall Paintings Commission
2013  Co-op Academy (BrownhiIIs School) Arts & Business Commission

Publications/Appearance of images of work

2016  Dust,
Meeting Joyce Iwaszko,
2015  RSVP Japanese Magazine
2015  Staffordshire Life Magazine
2014  House Beautiful, November issue
2014  The Lady, July 2014 issue
2014  Journeys, Pathways and Track Plans
2011-12  Discovering & Activating Spaces, rednile Factory Nights
2006  Webberley's Art Prize
2005  Prize for Innovation
2004  BBC Television Programmes, Inside Out (Opening credits)


2013  Burleigh Pottery Chalk Drawing workshop, Princes Regeneration Trust
2013  Co-op Academy of Stoke-on-Trent Painting workshop, BrownhiIIs
2012  Hidden Depths Chalk Drawing workshop, Burleigh Pottery ... resurrected-boat-event-bed-of-burslem-branch-canal ... FactoryNights_WEB_.pdf