Journeys, Pathways and Track Plans
Group Exhibition
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Journeys, Pathways and Track Plans (Funded by Arts Council, England)
Spode 2014


The walls at Spode are steeped in history, echoing with past conversations no-one else can hear. Whispers from the past journey to the present, bringing the historical and the contemporary together.

In Spit and Dust Joyce Iwaszko explores the use of colour, shape and pattern to evoke the essence and atmosphere of a place. She investigates the use of traditional and unconventional materials such as pigment, paint, spit, dust and dirt.

Around the site magnolia paint has been used to cover the internal walls. Due to water penetration over time, the colour has deepened in certain places to an ochre hue. The blue pigment within the work represents ‘Blue China’ produced in the local area, and more specifically, at Spode.

The abstract mark-making is influenced by shapes and patterns traditionally found on the ware, which prompts memories and thoughts of an industrial past, together with a social history.


Joyce Iwaszko’s interests include colour, texture, layers, clay, pigment, cement, heritage, trace, metaphor, transient, contemporary and secret codes.