Middleport Pottery
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Middleport Wall Paintings
Willow Wall and Pheasant Wall, 2014

I was selected to design and paint the Middleport Pottery cafe walls in May 2014, a commission by the Prince's Regeneration Trust. The design is painted onto lime wash walls with a mineral paint, this will form a chemical bond to the lime wash and soak into the wall and become part of the fabric of the building.

Information about The Willow Pattern

For a century and a half the "Willow Pattern" has been the stock-pattern of nearly every British Pottery manufacturer, and although at times its popularity has waned, it has eventually returned to favour, and now is again at the apex of its popularity.

Of the modern "Willow" the Burleigh (Burgess and Leigh, Middleport, Stoke-on-Trent) reproduction of Enoch Wood's plate is unequalled. The Blue is attractive and pleasing and the engraving has been executed by the finest artists of the day and has been in continual production since 1922.
Reference: www.thepotteries.org