RED AMBER GREEN Transporting The City
Signal Box, Goods Yard (2024)

"Beneath the Goods Yard lies sidings in cement and shards of pottery deep underground"

Iwaszko combines elements taken from Capital & Centric’s architectural images of ‘new living’ with historical Spode Blue Italian and Willow patterns taken from designs on pottery shards found on site.

The historical significance of the canal side, the railway and the roads converge histories to create a sense of place, and a contemporary space for the future.

The installation consists of found pottery shards from the Goods Yard site and ‘stones’ also found on site with painted sections of pottery patterns. The paintings are mineral paint, ceramic pigments, cement on board.

Paintings: Blue Italian Vaults, Blue Willow Signal Box, Blue Pottery New Living.

(click images to see closeup)

Blue Signal Box Installation View


Blue Willow Signal Box


Blue Italian Vaults


Blue Pottery New Living